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Welcome to the website dedicated to emlyon business school Executive Education Programs' E-Mail system configuration <


As a participant to our programs, emlyon business school offers you the opportunity to use an email address which will make it easy to keep in contact with emlyon business school institution, your emlyon business school program team as well as people you share time and activity with during your training sessions.

This address constructed as follows: or and is given to you at the time of your enrollment. 

It operates on the principle of incoming mails forwarding to a personal or professional e-mail address that you have to define through this website.

When done, each time someone tries to reach your emlyon business school e-mail address, the message is automatically forwarded to the personal or professional e-mail address you have selected.

Of course, you can change the forwarding address as many times as you want by clicking the button below :

Enter your emlyon business school e-mail address and password after clicking the button.

  Click here to declare your forwarding address >>>
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